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  1. I didn’t expect to see a gallery of henna but I also don’t exactly know what I expected lol.

    This looks really good too, I’m honestly surprised on how just how many people can do good henna art. Like my mom and sister do their own henna art but when Eid or something big like a wedding or whatnot comes up then they go to this desi beauty parlor and get it done there.

    How long did it take you to do all these pictures anyways? And did you do them yourself? Because these are honestly really good but it also doesn’t seem to be all done at once, it seems more like a collection of a bunch of times you did henna and you shared it here, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t put a lot of work into it of course.

    1. hey, thank you for checking them out. Haha I am glad that you liked the unexpected. Yes, these are the times that I put henna on my hands or others over the time except for few of them that was done during an event. I plan on doing more and upload them on the website. I rarely sketch them out. It’s freehand & repetition of some patterns but it is a great stress reliever. I am looking into learning other styles too.

  2. Wow, all of these look amazing! I always admire with henna arts, henna on the palm looks nice too. I do hope my friends can do it for me lol It’s like they just draw it freehanded and how is the design come in mind?

    1. OMG thanks for checking it out. Means a lot to me. You can always ask me to put henna on you, I wouldn’t mind at all. there are some repetitive patterns that I just assemble differently every time I put henna on but I am learning new styles to make it more versatile.

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