Appreciating my fellow classmates’ websites

Being in CT 101 class, we all got to create our own website in the class and everyone came up with the best creative ideas. For weekly activity, we shared our websites with fellow classmates and checked each other’s posts. I made comments on few posts that I found extraordinary. They were about lifestyle, cooking, music, art, photography, poetry and so much more.

I loved Vivian Ho’s website focusing on her photography and travel

I love all her pictures and how she captions them, it intrigues me and inspires me to do something similar as I have the same passion for photography. I can not write about all her posts but one photo that awestruck me was this one-

the rawness of this photo is just extraordinary. I find it hard to click a perfect picture of a subject on the moment. I forget that it is beautiful however it is instead of focusing on the technicalities. Thank you for using your website for photography and hope you keep getting inspired and inspire people like me to pursue our passion.

On the other hand, I love Jan Ryan Enate’s website

that has a beautiful mix of photography and poetry. I also love writing too and I found his style and pattern of writing unusual. I don’t think I have explored my style yet. My writing in inspired and influenced by what i see and read. I guess i ave a long way to go just to get inspired and come up with my style. I related to this one poem and keeping it with me for as long as I can.

“Night Sky”

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